Giancarlo had been looking at a proposal on content creation. More or less? Spaced out over time or concentrated. He had some decisions to make.

To take a break he visited the New York Times online where he read the obituary of William Goldman, one of the great content creators of Hollywood – from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to The Princess Bride. His famous phrase was “Nobody knows anything.”

“Nobody knows anything…… Not one person in the entire motion picture field knows for a certainty what’s going to work. Every time out it’s a guess and, if you’re lucky, an educated one.”

That was an old quote. From the seventies. Today we know a lot. We have data on every, single, thing. But do we really know more than Hollywood did back in the seventies?

Giancarlo reflected on what had changed in the content industry, “Over the last decade big studios have been acquired by big programs to direct search and consolidate traffic. Offering their users tons of content from their favorite studios.

At the same time we have seen the rise and consolidation of independent, amateur production mostly made by people who really enjoy what they are doing and put a lot of passion in to it. That is great and it makes it exciting.”

That movement towards tons of niche, produced content on the one hand and a flood of amateur on the other has squeezed out standard productions.

“We know more now… but what do we know? And how can it help me take production decisions?” Giancarlo asked himself.

Questions for Discussion:

  • Is content diversification a strong user acquiring strategy?
  • Do you look at traffic behaviour stats to decide about your production schedule, content promo, and new site release?
  • What is the best way to start in business with a low marketing budget?