Shap was feeling reflective as he walked down the street, through fallen leaves. “2018 is coming to an end. What will 2019 bring?” he thought. Autumn always made him slow down and think backwards…then forwards.

It was time to plan the next year. What would 2019 bring? “What will I bring to 2019?” Shap asked himself.

As he thought back on 2018 he saw patterns that had appeared before, in previous years. There were surprise changes to regulations. In fact, this had happened so many times that Shap now expected the changes.

He had set goals. Some he had met, some he had missed by a mile…and let go. But he had also learned. And in 2019 he wanted to apply what he had learned to make it his best year yet.

One of the ways he would do that would be by reflecting on the year with his peers.

Questions for discussion:

How to compete and grow in 2019. What is your vision? What will you do different? What is your biggest fear? Deep conversation about opportunities, turning challenges into opportunities and defining what success looks like in a consolidating market.

What is your vision? What are your challenges? How do you identify where you are weak? You have to do this to take smart decisions?

  1. The metrics
    • What is your lifetime value? What are the components of lifetime value? Are you competitive in each growth area? How do you know? Going from knowing, to doing, to competing.
  2. What will you do differently?
    • Beyond standard revenue streams which we consider monthly subscriptions, mailing, cross sales, one clicks, upsales. What is the one thing you will add to make a difference?
  3. What products or partnerships can you forge to support growth?
    • Who is your right running mate or wingman? What makes a good partner and long term partner?
  4. Are you bullish or bear on the market? What does success look like to you? 
  5. Acquiring or being acquired? What is your game plan?
    • This will tell you or help guide decisions you have to make?