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(This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “Key Metrics” at the Vendo Partner Conference in Barcelona on Tuesday, September 13th.)

5 habit loop

Andrew’s got a habit. He’s a life-hacker and a work-hacker so he takes his habits seriously. His habits have routines and his routines have sub-routines.

They take a lot of effort at the beginning to turn into habits. In fact, they take six weeks of willpower and concentration to turn a new behavior into a habit that operates more or less on its own.

Once a habit is in maintenance mode he sets up occasional reviews. “Does this habit still work for me as well as when I set it up?” he asks himself.

The habit he wants to review now is his “morning routine.” In particular, he wants to focus on how he looks at his business each morning.

Here’s what he reviews – in this order. Check it out. How does it compare with yours? How could he improve his habits? How could you improve yours?

Bold = daily review

Normal = weekly or monthly or when he sees outliers

The Key Metrics


  • Daily join (new member) and cross-sell volume
  • Trial>Full conversion % (key indicator of Net Lifetime Value)

Internal (Advertising)

  • Daily total average CPM vs RPM,  CPC vs RPC, ROI
  • ROI per ad zone: by day, hour, campaign/lander, creative, browser, country, device, language, operating system, ISP, keyword)
  • Sales funnel flow metrics (%), ex: impression > lander > join > payment > confirmation
  • Trial>Full conversion %
  • Trial:Full ratio
  • Refund %
  • Chargeback %

External (Affiliates & Partners)

  • Daily joins volume
  • Trial>Full conversion %
  • Trial:Full ratio
  • Refund %
  • Chargeback %


  • Follower growth
  • Daily engagement (retweets, likes, shares, views)


  • Quick skim for key indicators to identify outliers: [logins (#s, success vs. error), video views, genre views, requests & latency, CPU usage, http responses, bandwidth, cache, requests per page type (index, join, etc), payment processing (success rate – confirmations/attempts, attempt rate – attempts/visits)]

SEO / Site

  • Daily traffic count by channel (direct, organic search, referral, social)
  • Bounce rate
  • Goal conversions
  • Top page/lander performance
    • Visitor count
    • Bounce rate
    • Time on site
    • Goal conversions
  • Branded searches
  • Keywords indexed
  • Backlinking domain count