(This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “Social Media: Making Friends, Making Money, or Both” BOTH” with co-hosts Harriet and Tommie of HarrietSugarCookie at the Paysite Meetup in London on Thursday, November 30th.)

Social Media PSM


Tommie and Harriet looked at where their sales are coming from and shook their heads. “25% of my sales come from Social Media (SM)…and we are not even doing it well!.”. “How much could we grow if we really knew how to work SM?” they mused.

Harriet never wanted to be just a face in the crowd, anonymous. That’s how she feels when working with stars in the industry. Yes, there are 100m views but it is a “red ocean” where stars compete against each other. HSC wants to operate in a “blue ocean” of less competition. In other words, they want to take industry stars into SM.

“SM doesn’t want our industry and our stars because of how we acted in the past.” How could we do SM differently? How could we grow and connect with our audience by going social?

SM is also the way for mainstream media to find Harriet and generate press, all of which is good, in our opinion.

Which strategy is the right one? How to create brand loyalty with engaging content and sharing followers? How can we and the industry at large make the magic happen with social?

The opportunities are massive so it is worth testing images and articles. The key is to learn. It’s easy to push stuff out…how do you get it to come back to you?” thought Harriet.  In the beginning, SM didn’t sell for HSC. Now it does. What does the future look like?


  1. Why aren’t you working on social media? What is holding you back?
  2. How do you reduce effort in social media?
    • It is labor intensive
    • Outsource?
    • Collaborate
  3. Paid vs organic social media. Where to invest and what is the risk?