(This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “Tubes: Piracy or a Map to a Hidden Treasure” with co-host Shap at the Paysite Meetup in London on Thursday, November 30th.)


“Another one of those…” Shap thought as he visited The Largest Tube (or was it The Biggest Tube or The Tube with the Most Videos?).

“I’m not a spring chicken anymore…this is just the next, new thing,” Shap reflected as he leaned back in his office chair in London. He thought back to his early days. There had been so many changes, so much new technology, that the book “Future Shock” could have been written about his life, it could be the title of his autobiography.

The question on his mind was the same one he asked of every new change: “How can I use this to grow my business and my industry?”

He had some questions to explore with his peers.

First, should we treat tubes as galleries? How important is it to incorporate branding into videos, sites and products?

“If I’m on a tube and I see a video I love then, of course, I want to see more, similar videos. If I have no idea what site that video is from then how can I pay the guy who created it to see more of them? How can he make money?” asked Shap.

How can we work smarter as an industry? How do you make a tube specific video? Ad blockers are making up a huge portion of tube traffic so people are not even seeing banners. How do we work smarter?

What kind of relationships do we want with tubes? Tubes need great content. We need traffic. How can you leverage your content into relationships that support your product roll outs?

What are best practices for submitting? In-house? One submitter? Multiple submitters?

To go premium or not to go premium? It makes us money, but it costs so so much. Once you are hooked on the IV then you can’t give it up?

Like all new technologies, there are many risks and rewards. For Shap, “the best way to size the rewards for himself and the industry is to share what paysite pros learn with each other. That way we all improve.”