July 20, 2017

The Digital Economy Act and You

The age verification requirements in the UK’s new Digital Economy Act present a unique problem for anyone with a global audience for their content. The details are still sketchy, leading to speculation being passed around the internet as if it adds anything useful to the conversation. It would be helpful for the UK government to…

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August 13, 2016

Why did we create our dynamic pricing demo?

Vendo provides billing services with a heavy use of artificial intelligence. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to choose the best price for each shopper. That is the price that makes the most money with that shopper. If a price is too high the shopper won’t buy and you lose the sale. That’s obvious. If, however,…

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March 16, 2016

Vendo's View: March Madness

How does a huge, month-long televised sports tournament affect your revenue? We’re interested in the affect of March Madness – one of the great annual sporting events in the US – on our industry. It’s a single elimination college basketball tournament held in March each year. 64 teams play 63 games that last an average…

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February 17, 2016

Vendo's View: Valentine's Day Weekend Was Big…Texas Was Biggest

Valentine’s Day weekend was big business across the industry but it was biggest in Texas. All key industry metrics were up by 10% to 15% over the previous weekend. Our clients saw 10% more traffic. Those visitors clicked on 15% more pages. Their sessions lasted 15% longer. Their bounce rate was 30% lower. They spent 15%…

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