March 20, 2019

Customers are gold, even when they’re cold

Paul had seen 78TrottinHat before. A couple of times.

Their relationship had started in 2016. It had been an “on-again, off-again” relationship. Paul liked that. The only thing better was an always-on relationship. But those were rare and they didn’t usually last for three years.

78TrottinHat had caught Paul’s interest. He wanted more to see if he could get more customers to be on-again, off-again instead of just a fling. Having a one-off relationship was expensive and tiring. Paul put tremendous effort into getting someone interested, getting them to try out his product and stick around for awhile. To do it again with someone knew was just exhausting. “I have a great product, but it’s not for everyone. I want to maintain relationships with people who value what I do. Not start fresh over and over again.” He felt like he was getting a deeper understanding of how women felt.

Paul gathered his team together to talk about 78TrottinHat. “Look at this customer’s journey,” he said to his colleagues, “it starts with a trial…curious, not convinced. But then upgrades and stays for three months. Heavy content usage. Mainly streaming. Some download. Cancellation reason is ‘Not enough content.’ Three months later 78TrottinHat is back. This time its a 6 month membership for the discounted rate. A big commitment. We’ve earned it. Also, no affiliate ID. Full payment. Beautiful. Doesn’t renew – no auto renew on the 6 month. Then 48 days after cancellation, back again. This time monthly.”

“How can we get more 78TrottinHats?” Paul asked his team. “How can we create a streamlined flow from inception of membership, to cancel/expired, and back to paid member which creates a sense of security, community, and knowing that they are in good hands?”

Questions for Discussion

  1. What can we learn from this customer’s journey?
  2. How can we encourage more customers to follow this path?
  3. What kind of relationship do we want with non-paying customers?