Valentine’s Day weekend was big business across the industry but it was biggest in Texas.

All key industry metrics were up by 10% to 15% over the previous weekend. Our clients saw 10% more traffic. Those visitors clicked on 15% more pages. Their sessions lasted 15% longer. Their bounce rate was 30% lower. They spent 15% more. All good metrics for a solid Valentine’s Day weekend.

Revenue per click (revenue / visitors) went way up for Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio. Texas was the leader with a huge jump of 2x over the previous weekend. Texans were the kings of the big spenders on Valentine’s Day weekend 2016. Houston, Dallas and Austin were all far above the previous weekend. We wish we had data for the city of Valentine, Texas to share with you but the population is only…126 people.

We guess it’s no surprise that Texas was the biggest. Texas likes being big after all. Check out this comparison of Texas size with other land masses.